Kelly Dunagan

I believe that one of art’s purposes is to expose moments of rare beauty that might otherwise pass unremarked. To that end my art is concerned with depicting subjects ranging from the quotidian to the grotesque—dead birds, for example, or abandoned buildings, or frames from porn films—in order to expose their inherent beauty. In this way I hope to elevate the subjects and to reveal their hidden truths.

I received my degree in Studio Art from Stanford in 2004; my focus was in photography, though I also spent a lot of time painting, printmaking, and drawing. I am now a marine biologist (it's not a standard career trajectory, I know, but it works for me), but I continue to make art whenever I'm not working, and my interest in animal life and the natural world often finds its way into my pieces. I also like to read (like, a lot) and I am chronicling my international literary adventures on my blog, Around the World in 2000 Books. I live in Berkeley, California with my husband and daughter.